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"Hazaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dum nikle"

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Our Philosophy

Urdu is the sweetest of all languages. It infuses freshness, serenity and peace. The Poetic form of thoughts - Gloom or Bloom, binds every soul. Peace and Serenity shall be the natural outcome of our common joy - Urdu. Let us enjoy, feel and create in Urdu! How sweet the world would be with the sweetness of Urdu around. Shairi, Ghazal or Nazm are just one of the few tools that Urdu has for its expression. The truth is Urdu directly affects our hearts and permanently resides in our soul. And Hindi being the closest kin, let us enjoy the charm of Hindi-Urdu together!!

Disclaimer : Work that explicitly mentions Barbar Ghazipuri is Copyright Reserved. No Publication or sharing without consent is permissible. To remove/modify any part/content/shayari that infringes/violates anyone's copyright please contact UrduWala Team.

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