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"Hazaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dum nikle"

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Mir Vs Ghalib : Supremacy

Mir Ustaad Ya Ghalib Ustaad?

Lovers of Urdu poetry often debate Mir's supremacy over Ghalib or vice versa. 
It may be noted that Ghalib himself acknowledged, through some of his couplets, 
that Mir was indeed a genius who deserved respect. 

Here are two couplets by Mirza Ghalib on this matter.

“ 	Reekhtay kay tumhi ustaad nahi ho Ghalib
Kehte hain agle zamane me koi Mir bhi tha

You are not the only master of Urdu, Ghalib
They say there used to be a Mir in the past
—Mirza Ghalib

“ 	Ghalib apna yeh aqeeda hai baqaul-e-Nasikh
Aap bey behrah hai jo muataqid-e-Mir nahi

Ghalib! Its my belief in the words of Nasikh*,
"He that vows not on Mir, is himself unlearned!"
—Mirza Ghalib

:) Now when Ghalib himself wrote above lines. Who are we to debate?

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