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"Hazaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dum nikle"

Following is the Urdu WordList Part 1.

It shall be updated frequently. And it aims at making our readers learn urdu 
rather than just to download and keep it for reference. Our editors are busy 
giving you best words each time!!

aasan:		Easy
aabaad:		populated/prosperous/happy
buzurg:		great/aged/purana
bazm:		assembly/mehfil
haath:		hand
Haatim:		generous 
raasta:	 	path/road
fitnah:		revolt/mischief
fatwaa:		judicial decree
farz:		duty/kartavya (in hindi)
gardish:	misfortune/pareshaniyan
murdah:		dead/weak
narm:		smooth/soft
nazaakat:	tenderness/politeness
nazdeek:	near
nabina:		blind/cannot see/cannot perceive
nisbat:		relation/affinity
hujoom:		crowd
hidaayat:	instruction/guidance
yaas:		despair/fear
yaas:		despair/fear
yaqin:		certainity/confidence
yaqtaa:		unique/matchless
yaum:		day
zaalim:		tyrant/zulm karne wala
zaher:		poison/fatal
zaahir:		clear/evident

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